Broadcast: World Cup Qualification. Group C - Clubs and Ribbon

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Sport: Rhythmics Gymnastic

Event: World Cup 2015 (Kazan)

World Cup Qualification. Group C - Clubs and Ribbon

1 Soldatova Aleksandra 20096 Russia

2 Ashirbayeva Sabina 18531 Kazakhstan

3 Prawatyotin Panjarat 14755 Thailand

4 Berezko-Marggrander Jana 14779 Germany

5 Kerber Jasmine 14578 USA

6 Vladinova Neviana 22769 Bulgaria

7 Legote Grace 7496 RSA

8 Harutyunyan Lilit 16405 Armenia

9 Nazarenkova Elizaveta 13914 Uzbekistan

10 Assymova Aliya 15493 Kazakhstan

11 Moustafaeva Kseniya 19442 France

12 Milacic Milena 18878 Serbia

13 Bezzubenko Patricia 20831 Canada