Broadcast: World Cup Qualification. Group B - Hoop and Ball

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Sport: Rhythmics Gymnastic

Competition: World Cup 2015 (Kazan)

World Cup Qualification. Group B - Hoop and Ball

1 Garsia Natalia Spain

2 Jaee Helena 31948 Estonia

3 Olsson Josefine 18960 Sweden

4 Serdyukova Anastasiya 9590 Uzbekistan

5 Sebkova Anna 10471 Czech Republic

6 Jung Laura 8786 Germany

7 Kratochwill Spela 9540 Slovenia

8 Mamun Margarita 18525 Russia

9 Ruprecht Nicol 5727 Austria

10 Garcia Amor Edna Maryel 20966 Mexico

11 Volkova Ekaterina 18974 Finland

12 Bayramova Ayshan 21993 Azerbaijan